The Best Bars And Casino Attractions In Montreal

Montreal is one of the most vibrant cities in Canada with a delightful hospitality and a buzzing night life. Despite being significantly populated, this city remains a leading commercial capital only rivaled by Toronto. Being a host to different nationalities driving its booming industries in varied sectors, Montreal has managed to charm all cultures with amazing recreational facilities.

These establishments provide an array of fun activities ranging from discos, eateries, galleries, film theatres, bars and casinos. There are a couple of high- quality best bars Montreal that will jostle and compete for your attention as soon as you decide to sample Montreal delights. Most offer a bouquet of assorted services but most are highly specialized like the bevy of microbreweries strewn around town.

Some of the swanky outlets include;

  • Casa del Popolo
  • Go Go Lounge
  • Billy Kun
  • Whisky café

If your kind of crowd is the modest and down-to-earth type, then Brutopia will suit you just fine. Located at the crossroads of the busiest night life thoroughfares famed for street parties, this joint serves delectable spirit-soothing home brews. The exquisitely designed terraces also provide for an enchanting view of passersby.

Casa del Popolo and her sister venue La sala Rosa are other hidden treasures of Montreal that you might wish to sample. As the former serves beer against some live band music in the background, the later provides bitings just across the road. An artwork vendor machine will confront you just next to the entrance. Kindly Drop in $2 coin and collect the unique memoir that will pop out.

If cocktails are your thing, then Go Go Lounge should be your first evening stop before painting Montreal red. With creative mixes and experienced bartenders you’ll definitely have no regrets denting your wallet. The ambience is equally enchanting with magnificent décor and interior. An ample dance floor eagerly beckons, should you wish to put your best foot forward.

Time allowing; feel free to check out Billy Kun and its hipster crowd attraction plus the swanky Whisky café for a chance to rub shoulders with well heeled Montreal’s blue chip executives.

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