Fallsview Casino Restaurants That Rock!

A visit to Fallsview resort is an opportunity to be immersed in shops and restaurants that are simply fabulous. From amiable staff, pristine eateries and resplendent surrounding buildings, Fallsview is the epitome of luxury living at its best. This complex offers a gorgeous view of the legendary Niagara Falls- one of the magical wonders of the world.

Adjacent to this bewitching restaurant, is the Clifton Hill that will appeal to the adventurous type and the famed Casino Niagara for those into gaming. The Casino has got well designated areas for smoking ensuring, nonsmokers enjoy their bliss uninterrupted.

Four points is another well rated Casino restaurant in Fallsview that is worth patronizing. With 18 floors consisting of whirlpool rooms, guest rooms, fitness centres, conference facilities, indoor swimming pools and amazing restaurants, Four points is a one stop shop for all your recreational needs.

The free wireless internet available will ensure that you keep in touch with family, colleagues and business contacts whilst you holiday. Any of the dedicated staff within the precincts of the hotel will readily assist with the security credentials needed to access it.

There are elevators, escalators and wheel chair access points across all floors for the physically challenged. Ample and secure parking is provided for drive-in visitors as well as round the clock cab services.

Should you feel like stepping out and sampling other restaurants in the area, you will be definitely spoilt for choice. With swanky eateries and bars like The Sushi and Oyster Bar,Rs Lounge,21 club, Paramount Fine Foods,Second cup, Noodle Bar and Sweet pint, its only your budget that will limit your fun.

Take a drive today and explore these lot of magnificent Fallsview Casino restaurants. Remember to bring your camera with you to capture those once in a lifetime moments for old times sake.

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